2017 Shoebox Campaign Update

Suggested Donation Increase

Each year supporters are invited to include a donation for each shoebox they fill to cover the costs of collecting, processing and shipping shoebox gifts from the UK to 17 countries. It also provides training and project materials for local churches and groups to lead safe, well-organised celebrations where children in need receive shoeboxes.

In 2017 we need to invite our supporters to increase from £3 to £5 the suggested donation for each shoebox to cover increased costs we face because of our commitment to doing the project well.

Doing It Well: Getting Your Shoebox Gift Into The Hands Of A Child In Need

We know many of you believe that the children and communities we serve around the world deserve the best we can offer. This applies not just to the contents of shoebox gifts but to the way they’re delivered to children. We want to maintain the care with which over 9,000 churches and groups overseas distribute shoeboxes from the UK. We also want to extend the programme to more children in harder to reach communities.

Click below to learn more about what the donation covers or to order your resources for this year’s campaign:

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