Operation Christmas Child

Craft & Knitting

We know that Operation Christmas Child knitting and crafts are a very popular pastime amongst our supporters. If you enjoy making things, why not have a go?

High quality handmade items such as hats, gloves, scarves, bags, purses, pencil cases, puppets and toys can all be packed, providing any stuffing used is proper toy stuffing and not dried beans or newspaper etc. Toys made from recycled wood are also great gifts to pack, but crafts which are obviously made from waste items such as bottle tops cannot be sent.

Including a homemade item is a great way to personalise your shoebox gift and send an extra special message of love.


Craft Ideas

We have some tried and tested patterns available on our Pinterest page.

These craft ideas are also a great way to raise funds for the work of Operation Christmas Child and Samaritan’s Purse.

If you have a knitting pattern or craft idea that you would like to share with others or have email it to occ@samaritans-purse.org.uk as a pdf with a digital photo if possible.

Why not join our Facebook page and let us know what you’ve been putting in your shoebox.

Take a look at these fun shoebox crafts below:

Shoebox Lid Craft – Lego

Turn your shoebox lid into a platform for play with this fun Lego craft.


What’s inside the lid? Chalkboard craft

Give your box extra play value by turning it into part of the gift, with this fun chalkboard craft!


DIY Tote bags

Check out this quick and easy DIY tote bag that can be created to include in your shoebox gift!


DIY Fishing Game

Looking for a quality craft idea for your shoebox? Check out this easy to make fishing game!


Make Your Own Headbands

Easy as 1, 2, 3! Check out this DIY headband you can make from t-shirts to include in your shoebox gift.


Crayon Mold Craft

Check out this fun way to make your own crayons to include in your shoebox gift!


£ Free

Bag decorated with flowers

£ Free

Soap Sack

£ Free

Frilly Scarf

£ Free

Bangle Bags

£ Free

Stretchy Hat

£ Free

Yo-Yo Caterpillar