Will You Help Those Suffering From the Food Crisis In Zambia?

‘We’re rationing the little food we have by eating one meal in a day and in most cases children are given something to eat first, while the elderly eat afterwards … if there is extra.’ Mr. Petulo, Zambia

Help Farming Families

“Petulo, 53, is a farmer in Zambia struggling to provide for his children and grandchildren. After months of hard work, a recent drought robbed Petulo of his expected harvest. He explained that families in his village must ration the little food they do have by eating only one meal a day. Children usually eat first, and then parents and grandparents eat if there is food leftover. Most children in the village remain at home instead of going to school. Petulo is desperate to help his family during this food crisis. Critical assistance from the Raising Families project, such as food packs and fertiliser support, will sustain hungry families and also provide our teams an opportunity to share the hope of Jesus Christ during this difficult time”

Raising Families Team Member – Zambia

Pigs showing the effects of starvation – with the support of Samaritan’s Purse the community had come together to source these as part of our animals, agriculture, and livelihoods programme.

They help to diversify from subsistence farming and to secure a modest Income that can be used for education, medical care and other needs.


Surveying the failed crops and the piggery that at the moment houses starving animals.

UPDATE and Thanks From Our Zambia Team, As Initial Food Aid Reaches Them




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“Hunger Will Kill Us”


The Zambia team – who are appealing for your help.

Zambia Food Crisis

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